Quality of care

Jaap Koot is involved in many initiatives to improve quality of healthcare, especially in public health. He is working with the principles of evidence-based health care and favours thinking in terms of complex-adaptive systems. Over the last years he has been active in development of guidelines and in training in this area (especially in Central and Eastern Europe). He is involved in think tank activities to reposition health promotion and outlining the future of prevention.

Complex adaptive systems in healthcare

Immagine a flock of starlings flying: that is an example of a Complex Adaptive System. Multiple interactions, seemingly uncoordinated, but moving in a certain direction. In healthcare we need to move away from simple linear thinking and embrace the complexity of relations. (Complexity is not the same as complicated; it is about multi-causal and multi-relational interactions.) The Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion is an example of understanding healthcare as a Complex Adaptive System. Jaap Koot gave a presentation for the Schools for Health in Europe network on thinking in complex adaptive systems. 

Clinincal Guidelines

Jaap Koot worked for years in Central and eastern Europe with partners on improvement of clinical practices. One of the projects was in Croatia, where he coordinated a project for reduction of antimicrobial resistance. Prof Tambic, his counterpart gave a presentation on the impact of this project.

Health Management Information Systems

Health Management Information Systems are at the heart of Evidence Based Health Care. Jaap Koot been working in many countries on improvement of HMIS and frequently has been invited to teach the subject. 

Dilemmas in health promotion

In 2011 Jaap Koot gave a presentation for the German Knowledge Network on Public Health. Hea advocated for more strategic thinking and collaboration in health promotion.


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