Vulnerable groups

Throughout his career Jaap Koot has been involved in improving health for vulnerable groups in society, supporting people, who are less able to control their physical, social or economical environment. 

The support to vulnerable people on the one hand stimulates resilience (empowerment of people) and on the other hand aims at improving the physical and social environment (health in all policies).

Mid Term Review of the Results Based Financing Project in Zimbabwe

In 2013 Jaap Koot and a team of experts evaluated the performance of the Results Based Financing project, financed by the World Bank. This project aims at improving access to health care especially in the area of maternal and child health. The project provides payment to health facilities to improve service delivery on the basis of numbers of clients, quality and client satisfaction. The population is involved in the management of these funds: representatives make the annual plan and decide over expenditure.
The project has been successful in increasing attendance by clients and in improving client satisfaction. It has increased accessibility for the poor.

Social determinants of health

Jaap Koot together with two colleagues performed a study into the effects of malaria prevention through bed nets on vulnerable groups in Tanzania. To what extent did vulnerable groups benefit from bed net distribution programmes? This study was part of  the big WHO programme on social determinants of health.  

Jaap Koot was also involved in other studies on social determinants of health. He gave a presentation for the Tropical Institute of Community Health in Kenya on research for community empowerment. © Jaap Koot 2013